WebCenter Interaction to WebCenter Portal Migration Planning

As Premier Support services come to an end for AquaLogic Interaction (ALUI) and WebCenter Interaction (WCI), now is the time to plan your migration from these legacy platforms to the WebCenter Portal platform.  In this webcast, learn how to approach and what to expect from a WCI to WebCenter Portal or Spaces migration from the TekStream Solutions migration team.
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Planning a migration from these systems to Oracle's WebCenter Portal and/or WebCenter Spaces requires a proven methodology that leverages experience with both sides of the equation: this is neither the time not the project to elarn on one's feet.
While ALUI and WCI platforms have provided a logn-standing portal solution over the past decade, they can no longer be considered mordern portal platforms; and often leave behind an infrastucture that is heavily dependent on their feature set and functionality.
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